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Pakistan vs South Africa 2nd ODI Highlights | March 15, 2013

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Pakistan vs South Africa 2nd ODI Highlights played at SuperSport Park on 1th Mar, 2013. Watch Pakistan vs South Africa 2nd ODI Highlights Played on 15 Mar, 2013 at Centurion. Entertain via watching Pakistan vs South Africa 2nd ODI Full highlights I HD format. Watch the most amazing moment of Mohammad Irfan dashing bowling in 2nd ODI against South Africa.


South Africa won the toss and chooses to bat first in 2nd ODI against Pakistan. It was amazing starts of South Africa team when Amla seems in outclass motion to put Pakistan away from the 2nd ODI. Irfan pace and height of Ball save Pakistanis and he takes 4 wickets in his early session spell and made frustrate South Africa. It was the strong pair of Pakistan bowling department as both of them participate against India.

Pakistan vs South Africa Highlights

Match Review Pakistan vs South Africa 2nd ODI

This is the story of 2nd One Day International match played between Pakistan and South Africa and the place was Centurion. This was the lucky moment for South Africa when they won the toss and elected to bat first and they did the same.

It was the starting of the process in which opponent will have to be in trouble to make the way going to victory but it requires bundle of things such as perfection, quick movements on the road near to victory. South Africa nominates its openers at the pitch and Pakistan moves its attacker to face the nomination of opposition and to make a good start.

Starting of the match was like constructing the base of building on the tough surface and can only be possible by holding the hand of patience and overall observation but South Africa did not figure that and were not on the easy line of the game.

Bowlers of Pakistan get grip to their opposite players on the pitch in to their hands and make a narrow circle around the proteins batting line up.Muhammad Irfan bowler from Pakistan makes a great crackle on South Africa by taking quick wickets with in no time and works like bulldozer moving on the building of runs going in high speed onwards. Team South Africa plays like a lion having congested heart and a book of bravery was toured by Pakistani hunter in the very beginning of the match.

Pakistan had faced a huge defeat by the opposition against which Pakistan played today and before the starting of the match there was lot of stretched on to the both sides but there was an opposite situation at the pitch .

Muhammad Irfan’s early burst was reason to put in trouble and South Africa had to face that trouble given by the team work of Pakistan. Game played today was the proof of efforts of Pakistan that has taken a long time to make their break through.

Shahid Afridi was outclass as well and has been showing a better performance since he is playing against South Africa at the version of One Day International of this tour.

In the batting session of South Africa and bowling spell of Pakistan Shaihd Afridi makes hammer of his bowl and realizes about his presence to team in the ground by giving good performance in this match. Junai Khan, the young bowler from Pakistan also proves and insists to other team fellows to admire his fresh stamina and his unbelievable talent.

South Africa recovered from Muhammad Irfan’s early “Burst.” All the struggles were not enough in front of South Africa’s middle order batting line and they come on the normal track. South Africa shows its stamina and replies harshly to Pakistan’s bowler and makes a closed door near the bowlers of Pakistan.

But the trouble for both teams during the play was “Nature” who comes in between and orders to stop the game playing aggressively and had to close the house of passion.

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