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IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony Live – IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony Tickets

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IPL 6 opening Ceremony Live Streaming – IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony Online Tickets – Buy Opening Ceremony of IPL 2013. Entertain via watching IPL 6 Opening Ceremony with Live Performance of Bollywood actors.

Indian Premier League 2013 session is ready to start with his amazing opening Ceremony at Kolkata on 2nd April, 2013. IPL is the only domestic league which is most wanted by everyone around the world. IPL ready to starts its 6th package on 3rd April, 2013 and starts their opening ceremony on 2nd April at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. It’s the only League that is watched all over the world with more demands.

Indian Premier League is Like Heaven for Cricket but story continues and take its flight to its real destination holding the hands of Love, Glamorous, Actions, Competition, Hunger of Victory and Fight of Humans in the ground. This all type of stuff will be available at the soil of India, a country neighbor of Pakistan.


One of the greatest parts of the “Party in Cricket” is just going to start in Kolkata a city of India where these luxury moments will be there to watch and enjoy. Indian Premier League session 6, 2013 will open its eye by pushing a ceremony at Kolkata, (India).

Couples of Celebrities related to Bollywood are going to make this opening ceremony of IPL 2013 like the last Party of the World and entertain the whole cricket lover fans and Cinema as well.

In the beginning, Hollywood pop Diva Jennifer Lopez was to perform with stars but later on she refused to perform with Indians at the opening ceremony of 6th session of IPL. She made a huge kind of list and putted in front of IPL Officials and that list was toured as she demanded the private plane for transport and many more unbearable and hence she would not perform that’s it.

Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan is set to perform in the opening ceremony with his some friends and collogues as well. These beautiful women are Katrina Kaif, Deepika and men personality King of Bollywood Mr. Shahrukh Khan will be there to make logiacal ceremony of this event.

Opening ceremony will be held at Salt Lake Stadium on April 2nd, 2013. Tuesday will be the day of gorgeous and beautiful girls in the Indian Premier League.

IPL 2013 Opening Ceremony Date and Venue

IPL 2013 Opening ceremony will held at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata on Apr 2, 2013. This league contains many celebrities in the opening ceremony. Don’t miss this lovely moment of IPL 6 opening ceremony 2013.

Cricket Fans and Bollywood interaction:

In the last IPL sessions Bollywood cinema is more influenced with it and many of the Indian Cricket fans enjoy this cricket and Bollywood mixture craziness. Bollywood increase the joy of IPL and the interaction of crazy fans around the world. Many of the stars are also waiting for this big moment to perform and entertain with cricketers. On other side many of the Bollywood fans are waiting for the IPL because of interaction and their live performance in Indian Premier League.

Many of the Hollywood actors are also the part of entertainment of IPL includes Jennifer Lopez. She missed this season because of some issues but entertainment can’t stop because the Hero of all the film industries is on the floor and he is only Shahrukh Khan with the hottest girls of Indian cinema Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

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IPL T20 2013 Opening Ceremony Highlights




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